Would you buy this tee? I'm thinking of printing some up..
This girl was walking in front of me as I left Hackney Downs. She had these high heels that looked like trouble.

I'm going to do some prints and tees of the Ridley Road girl. Who wants one?
I've moved to a studio on Ridley Road and saw this girl just by the market. I'll keep tweaking it in my breaks so it will develop throughout the day. Keep checking back...
Here's a peek at a thing I did for Print Club London. I'll show you the entire thing when I find out if it gets selected for the exhibition.. or not. I will do some Dalston girls in a minute. Also a Dalston guy coming up! Whoa!
 I know I haven't posted. Here is a little of what I've been up to. And yes that is a Johnny Ryan on my board.

Didn't post too much this week so here's a weekender. This girl lives opposite me and was on her doorstep talking on her phone and gesticulating. 
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