On the edge..
And it continues.. New logo above too. What do ya think?

Sorry its a bit late. Been HTML ing the blog.
Will try to move the comments link in a bit. This is the tune that all this is based on.Hounds by Lorn.
Got rid of the comments link. Now I need to get the comment box on the right to work!!

 As I didn't post on Friday here are two! This is my storyboard stuff and I'll put words and stuff on tomorrow. Would you guys like to see new panels at the top or bottom as I post? The face image is the first in the story so I'll flip it if you prefer the other way.
This is the hero but he may change a bit. I think I need to make his clothing more distinctive. hmm...
This is a bad dude from the thing I'm boarding. he may need fine tuning but will be OK for the boards.
I did this this morning as a test for inking/watercolour/digital just quick. I'm going to be doing some storyboards for the rest of the day and will be posting on twitter throughout if you want to see my progress.

So I got a book by Bruce Davidson and he had some photographs of New York gangs which I loved so I'm gonna do some pics of some gangs I'd like to be in or not.
Hey guys. Long time no post because... I had a beautiful baby! She's kept us busy but as of Monday I'll start daily posts again. Talk to you then.

Rragh! It's another giant!!

Hey it's a new post. Just did this as I need to do a few giants. I'll tell you why later..

A brief interlude from the suits stuff as I'm inking and will post it all once done. I did this a while ago.. pencil then digital. It's Von Strucker if you know what I mean.

I wonder what's going on in the top half of this pic....?
I read the book Forming this weekend. It's by a guy who works on Adventure Time and is a bit crazy, funny and brilliant. Highly recommended. Search for it.

I'm just finishing up one of the pages and then I can ink.. God it's been so many figures in that it's taken ages.

it's another gang! I'm gonna do a series of gangs I'd like to be in. Will ink suits today I hope.
Been listening to this a lot this weekend.For Love I Come
It's raining!
I'm finishing up the suits comic and did a little doodle which turned into this. Suits is a lot of figures so it was nice to do heads. I think I may use these guys for next weeks story.
Love this band. This is from their forthcoming album.Vomit

This is another panel in the Suits story. I'm just working on the last page.

Here's another rough panel from Suits. I've done 4 pages and will finish the other 3 today then inks and washes.
Sticking with yesterday's instrumental them I've picked Max Richter today. This is a much shorter piec but devastating in emotional resonance. Stop for a minute and give it your full attention. Beautiful.

This is the title frame yet to be inked and painted for the suits story. I'm going to try and finish the whole thing and then post it.
I fell in love with the music of Keith Jarrett a few years ago when I heard the Koln concerts. He's an amazing pianist who's in London this Wednesday for a gig which I missed getting tickets for :(

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Encore at Sapporo - Keith Jarrett

Another study for Suits.
So I heard about Amy Winehouse on Saturday and was really saddened by the loss of such a talent. I saw her play live at the Shepherd's Bush Scala, where she was brilliant and also at Koko in Camden where she wasn't so much.Love is a Losing Game

So yesterday I was working on a short story called Suits which I'll put up next week hopefully. These are some studies. So for a while now I've loved the music of Lorn. His album Nothing Else was amazing and heavy. This is a track from it. Cherry Moon

I did this yesterday as a quick inking test. Listening to lots of the Wipers. Here's one from them. Youth of America

Hey all. Sorry that I didn't post for a coupla days. Busy. Won't do it again. So I did this pic of Freddie mercury a few days ago. Was watching some music show and he was on it and looked young and cool. Here's one of their greats.Don't Stop Me Now

This is Khal Drogo. He is hard.

OK so this is Daenerys from Game of Thrones. I am reading the second book and loved the tv series so I'm gonna do a bunch of pics based on the characters. I'll post a colour version ..tomorrow maybe.

Another day, another panel. Is he pressing that button? Why? What's it do? Uh?
Watched Paths of Glory and Ace in the Hole this weekend. Kubrick and Wilder respectively. Both well worth a view although I think Paths of Glory had the edge for me. Kirk Douglas stars in both and is really impressive.

A page from a leetle comic I did. Will put it all up once I've made a few changes.
So The Horrors have already released a couple of albums. The second contained Sea within a Sea which was amazing. This is from their new album Skying and is called Still Life and is also excellent. Very Psychedelic Furs.

Just a page of sketches today. Hopefully an inked one tomorrow.

A couple of nights ago this was on TV. I didn't realise it was co-written by James Cameron and then I heard the dialogue....
Listening to an album by SBTRKT while I cycle in to the studio at the moment(I know I shouldn't wear headphones while cycling but I'm a bad boy) and loving it. This track is called Wildfire

I did this a little while ago. Digital on top of pencil sketch.

Hey all..I'm back. I did this card for the lovely L and also redesigned the site. What do you think?
Just a little black and white.

Hey guys, so I'm away next week. Thought I'd post this pic so that you guys can fill in the word balloons and the best suggestions win a bar of something nice. Back next week with some lovely new pics.

A face of pages... I used a micron pen to do this and that's why there isn't much black but a lot of line. Quite nice to design shapes though. OK so Adventure Time is my favourite cartoon at the moment. Check out this poke by Mad, Avenger Time.

This is a few panels from a short story I did a little while ago. I need to make some changes and will then post it.

I started with a little biro thumbnail and then continued in Photoshop. Line, colour etc Make something from nothing... Lovely new track from Beirut called East Harlem

A little sketch that I did last night. I'm trying out different ways of inking and really enjoying it.

This is a panel from a short story I'm working on although it may all change. I'll post it once it's done.

So as it's Friday you get two for the price of one. I was messing around with some brushes in PS so that's why they look like that. Here'a great tune from the new Bon Iver album called Beth/Rest It's a bit Michael Mcdonald but good for it.

This bunch of sketches is called chicks with books. I think it'd make a good wallpaper design.
So I'm really much liking this band called Inc (previously Teen Inc) as they sound like early Prince in a big way but with the vocals down in the mix with makes it more emotional somehow. A cut from their ep called Swear

A page from my sketch book that I did last night. So on another note, is anyone watching Game of Thrones? I AM LOVING IT.
And look, I've added a mediaplayer so you can listen to my tunes from this page! Woo hoo. First up this tune from Africa Hitech. Tells you all you need to know about the distance between the Earth and the Sun. 93 Million Miles apparently.

It's a hot day. Why don't you get an ice lolly and ride that monster!
Read Vera Brosgol's Anya's Ghost book yesterday. Can't recommend it highly enough. Her illustrations and storytelling are wonderful.

So this is line art for this monster girl. I've done a watercolour version that I'm not 100% happy with so will have to redo. I'll post it once that's done.
Something I'm listening to loads at the moment is The Weeknd. Their current release House of Balloons is amazing and well worth a listen. This is the first track High for This

What's that coming over the hill? Is that a monster? Is that a monster? No it's a girl with a Mickey D.
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