It's raining!
I'm finishing up the suits comic and did a little doodle which turned into this. Suits is a lot of figures so it was nice to do heads. I think I may use these guys for next weeks story.
Love this band. This is from their forthcoming album.Vomit

This is another panel in the Suits story. I'm just working on the last page.

Here's another rough panel from Suits. I've done 4 pages and will finish the other 3 today then inks and washes.
Sticking with yesterday's instrumental them I've picked Max Richter today. This is a much shorter piec but devastating in emotional resonance. Stop for a minute and give it your full attention. Beautiful.

This is the title frame yet to be inked and painted for the suits story. I'm going to try and finish the whole thing and then post it.
I fell in love with the music of Keith Jarrett a few years ago when I heard the Koln concerts. He's an amazing pianist who's in London this Wednesday for a gig which I missed getting tickets for :(

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Encore at Sapporo - Keith Jarrett

Another study for Suits.
So I heard about Amy Winehouse on Saturday and was really saddened by the loss of such a talent. I saw her play live at the Shepherd's Bush Scala, where she was brilliant and also at Koko in Camden where she wasn't so much.Love is a Losing Game

So yesterday I was working on a short story called Suits which I'll put up next week hopefully. These are some studies. So for a while now I've loved the music of Lorn. His album Nothing Else was amazing and heavy. This is a track from it. Cherry Moon

I did this yesterday as a quick inking test. Listening to lots of the Wipers. Here's one from them. Youth of America

Hey all. Sorry that I didn't post for a coupla days. Busy. Won't do it again. So I did this pic of Freddie mercury a few days ago. Was watching some music show and he was on it and looked young and cool. Here's one of their greats.Don't Stop Me Now

This is Khal Drogo. He is hard.

OK so this is Daenerys from Game of Thrones. I am reading the second book and loved the tv series so I'm gonna do a bunch of pics based on the characters. I'll post a colour version ..tomorrow maybe.

Another day, another panel. Is he pressing that button? Why? What's it do? Uh?
Watched Paths of Glory and Ace in the Hole this weekend. Kubrick and Wilder respectively. Both well worth a view although I think Paths of Glory had the edge for me. Kirk Douglas stars in both and is really impressive.

A page from a leetle comic I did. Will put it all up once I've made a few changes.
So The Horrors have already released a couple of albums. The second contained Sea within a Sea which was amazing. This is from their new album Skying and is called Still Life and is also excellent. Very Psychedelic Furs.

Just a page of sketches today. Hopefully an inked one tomorrow.

A couple of nights ago this was on TV. I didn't realise it was co-written by James Cameron and then I heard the dialogue....
Listening to an album by SBTRKT while I cycle in to the studio at the moment(I know I shouldn't wear headphones while cycling but I'm a bad boy) and loving it. This track is called Wildfire

I did this a little while ago. Digital on top of pencil sketch.

Hey all..I'm back. I did this card for the lovely L and also redesigned the site. What do you think?
Just a little black and white.
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