Sailor Moon zine submission. Mixed  media. Some of the pieces I've seen for this zine look amazing.
Dalston Bodies. Another one from my show. You can buy it here: big cartel.
Dalston Headz. One of the pieces that I did for my recent show.
Thanks to everyone who came to the show on Friday. It was great to see you all. I printed some A3 risograph prints in red and black on 300gms Cyclus paper for the show in an edition of 100 and still have some left. 


 On the streets of Hackney...
Art show this Friday. Dalston. Come see my girls.

 Dalston Girls. 19th October. Bird Cafe, Dalston.  Pictures and prints by dilrajmann. Come see the love.

Dalston Superstore. I went out to a few places in Dalston after the Blisters show and saw this girl. Good look no?
Another sneak at the zine I’m producing. These drawings will get inked and collaborated on by some great artists.
Dalston Kingsland. So I’ve been really busy and haven’t posted but will be on it this week. I’ve been working on the zine, which this sketch is for, and also I have a small exhibition in Dalston coming up so if you’re in London in October, hit me up. More info soon.
Chicks with Books. I think I'm going to have to get on with printing these things as I have a back log.  
I think I need a new computer. This one is so slow that I feel like I'm dying. Anyone got a decent Mac that they want to give me?
Albion Road. I love it when I see a group of friends all dressing the same. Same hair, shoes and style. These girls both had BIG hair.
Dalston Junction. The guy was a bit of a douche who kept picking his nose.
Summer in London. I got soaked this morning but did see this girl waiting at the lights.
Saw these guys one dark night on my way home. Needs a bit more work.
I also post at  as well as this blog but want to start differentiating their use so I think the blog will be work in progress, sketches etc and the tumblr will be the finished thing, even if it's a finished sketch. What do you think?
Queensbridge Road. Shiny trousers. Got to draw. Will tweak in my breaks.
Would you buy this tee? I'm thinking of printing some up..
This girl was walking in front of me as I left Hackney Downs. She had these high heels that looked like trouble.

I'm going to do some prints and tees of the Ridley Road girl. Who wants one?
I've moved to a studio on Ridley Road and saw this girl just by the market. I'll keep tweaking it in my breaks so it will develop throughout the day. Keep checking back...
Here's a peek at a thing I did for Print Club London. I'll show you the entire thing when I find out if it gets selected for the exhibition.. or not. I will do some Dalston girls in a minute. Also a Dalston guy coming up! Whoa!
 I know I haven't posted. Here is a little of what I've been up to. And yes that is a Johnny Ryan on my board.

Didn't post too much this week so here's a weekender. This girl lives opposite me and was on her doorstep talking on her phone and gesticulating. 
This girl was wearing gold ..yes.. gold leggings. They looked hot. She had a topknot too.
There seems to be  more nannies around Dalston this year but none of them look like a nanny. This one didn't anyhow. She had great tattoos on the backs of her legs. London Fields.
I think my computer is going to die soon. It is soooo slow. This lady was in London Fields yesterday and it was really hot.
This girl was in Lidl and had an amazing face.

This girl has the coolest name. We had a little chat in London Fields. 
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I was biz-zay. Bikes are a pain and I wonder whether I'll ever have time to finish all of these off. I'll have to put aside a day like I need to have a day making sourdough bread. MmmmMM.
This girl was on Kingsland Road waiting to cross. I liked the glasses, helmet, shorts combo.
This girl was in Victoria Park and had huge headphones on. I only saw her from a distance so not sure if the details are right.
So due to the overwhelming response that I  had to my characters requests(1) I've decided to do a daily (ish) post on the wonder that is Dalston Gurlz. So if you see me drawing or photographing you in Dalston strike a POSE!
Saw this girl near Ridley Road market. She was fierce! Will finish up later today...
So I didn't do a character today as I was finishing this up for a magazine in Poland. It's all about Dark Shadows.
Hey guys. So Im a little busy but will post new new stuff tomorrow. Any character suggestions? For now here is the complete face of pages image. It's a photo so a bit blurry. Will replace when I get a mo.
OK so this took a bit longer than half an hour so I'm going to have to be stricter with myself. Anybody want to request a character  for tomorrow?
So I just read The Education of Hopey Glass which was brilliant. Jaime Hernandez is so good at composition and figures and everything! Kills me. This is Maggie although she looks a bit grumpy...
KANEDAAA!!! Idid a few that were a bit more exciting so may have to ink and re-up.

Hey dudes - in case you're wondering what's going on with the blog - just trying out a few things with pages, getting organised etc etc - sorry it looks a bit clunky - will get it looking nice soon!
So this is the first of my character sketches. Took a bit too long. Need to do in half an hour like we used to in our lunch hour..

Another drawing that I'm going to ink and then colour . Still got tons to do on this one. I think I'm going to start doing a daily character post as of next week so make a request and I'll try and do 'em. Characters from films, books comics, cartoons are all good.
Hey again! This image is for a project I'm pitching. Fingers crossed!
So I've been a bit busy. Used this for a bizniz card image and that's why it's cropped. Shout me and I'll send you one.
Here's the bottom half. Now to stick it together and ink the bits left.
Hi guys. Long time no post. Will do better. This is the top half of a pic I'm working on just to do some inking. Will post the bottom half tomorrow and then the complete thing next week. Still bits left to ink. Click on it to see a larger version.
Arghh! Sooorrry! I am too busy but will get back to this over the weekend fo sho. Love you.
Sorry I haven't posted. Been busy. Will def post on the weekend. Inking with this brush is lovely but makes me want to put more detail in. K.I.S.S.
Uh-oh. Where to go?
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