Rragh! It's another giant!!

Hey it's a new post. Just did this as I need to do a few giants. I'll tell you why later..

A brief interlude from the suits stuff as I'm inking and will post it all once done. I did this a while ago.. pencil then digital. It's Von Strucker if you know what I mean.

I wonder what's going on in the top half of this pic....?
I read the book Forming this weekend. It's by a guy who works on Adventure Time and is a bit crazy, funny and brilliant. Highly recommended. Search for it.

I'm just finishing up one of the pages and then I can ink.. God it's been so many figures in that it's taken ages.

it's another gang! I'm gonna do a series of gangs I'd like to be in. Will ink suits today I hope.
Been listening to this a lot this weekend.For Love I Come
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