Hey guys, so I'm away next week. Thought I'd post this pic so that you guys can fill in the word balloons and the best suggestions win a bar of something nice. Back next week with some lovely new pics.

A face of pages... I used a micron pen to do this and that's why there isn't much black but a lot of line. Quite nice to design shapes though. OK so Adventure Time is my favourite cartoon at the moment. Check out this poke by Mad, Avenger Time.

This is a few panels from a short story I did a little while ago. I need to make some changes and will then post it.

I started with a little biro thumbnail and then continued in Photoshop. Line, colour etc Make something from nothing... Lovely new track from Beirut called East Harlem

A little sketch that I did last night. I'm trying out different ways of inking and really enjoying it.

This is a panel from a short story I'm working on although it may all change. I'll post it once it's done.

So as it's Friday you get two for the price of one. I was messing around with some brushes in PS so that's why they look like that. Here'a great tune from the new Bon Iver album called Beth/Rest It's a bit Michael Mcdonald but good for it.

This bunch of sketches is called chicks with books. I think it'd make a good wallpaper design.
So I'm really much liking this band called Inc (previously Teen Inc) as they sound like early Prince in a big way but with the vocals down in the mix with makes it more emotional somehow. A cut from their ep called Swear

A page from my sketch book that I did last night. So on another note, is anyone watching Game of Thrones? I AM LOVING IT.
And look, I've added a mediaplayer so you can listen to my tunes from this page! Woo hoo. First up this tune from Africa Hitech. Tells you all you need to know about the distance between the Earth and the Sun. 93 Million Miles apparently.

It's a hot day. Why don't you get an ice lolly and ride that monster!
Read Vera Brosgol's Anya's Ghost book yesterday. Can't recommend it highly enough. Her illustrations and storytelling are wonderful.

So this is line art for this monster girl. I've done a watercolour version that I'm not 100% happy with so will have to redo. I'll post it once that's done.
Something I'm listening to loads at the moment is The Weeknd. Their current release House of Balloons is amazing and well worth a listen. This is the first track High for This

What's that coming over the hill? Is that a monster? Is that a monster? No it's a girl with a Mickey D.

Here's another monster girl. She's drunk!!

This one is ink and watercolour. It's one of a bunch I did with girls and monster. More to come.

I did this yesterday morning. It was inspired by the Sonic Youth tee that the guys wearing. More specifically the text on the tee which you can see here.
And here's some music to go with that image. Hudson Mohawke released his album Butter a couple of years ago. It is all messed up. Beats chopped and crazy syncopation. Here's a new one Thunder Bay from his EP Satin Panthers which is released 1st August on Warp Records.

So I'll post a picture a day this week. It may be a comic, a painting or a sketch but I'll try to do some good stuff.

I'm back!

Hey guys, long time no post. I've been doing lots of art and about ready to start posting five days a week. Sketches , paintings etc. Just a lil' bit of Dilraj to brighten up your day. Here's a little starter for you. Hope you like it. Let me know eh?
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