Realised that I hadn't posted this here yet.
Thanks for all the comments guys. Big love to all you folks from Cambridge.

Electric Boots - Haven’t posted in a while. Just busy. Did this for a charity auction thing. So a few things…COMPETITION TO WIN A PRINT from my BigCartel store. To enter I need 3 things; 1. Reblog this post 2. Your e-mail address 3. Answer this- If I was a card in a pack of 52, which card would I be? There is a correct answer. I’ll pick the winner at random on the 29th of March. Like David Bowie said ‘All you’ve got to do is Win’ ♥
Sailor Moon zine submission. Mixed  media. Some of the pieces I've seen for this zine look amazing.
Dalston Bodies. Another one from my show. You can buy it here: big cartel.
Dalston Headz. One of the pieces that I did for my recent show.
Thanks to everyone who came to the show on Friday. It was great to see you all. I printed some A3 risograph prints in red and black on 300gms Cyclus paper for the show in an edition of 100 and still have some left. 


 On the streets of Hackney...
Art show this Friday. Dalston. Come see my girls.

 Dalston Girls. 19th October. Bird Cafe, Dalston.  Pictures and prints by dilrajmann. Come see the love.

Dalston Superstore. I went out to a few places in Dalston after the Blisters show and saw this girl. Good look no?
Another sneak at the zine I’m producing. These drawings will get inked and collaborated on by some great artists.
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